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Front Office

Single screen operations for quick processing. Provision to update Guest details at various levels. One click option for Post charges, Stop Posting, Post Plan & Allowances. Whatsapp Integration makes it easier to communicate with the guest. Feedback form send to whatsapp can be Integrated with Trip Advisor. Automated Daily Backup after the Night Audit with extra data security.

Front Office has all Integrations required to run any type of Hotel Operations. Guest Reminders with auto alert Pop-Ups. Real time updates of Available Rooms, In-House Guests & Restaurant Tables. Software clearly show which rooms are available, and who will be staying where.

Point of Sale

Multiple Outlets can be managed from a single window. Allot a regular table or assign special table to the Guest. Post, Alter, Cancel KOT, print bill and settle from the same window. Internal search engine to search Items by Name or Item Code. Fast moving items can be added on the dashboard for quick process. Easily manage Bill Posted to Room, Room Service Bill, Bill on Hold, etc. Check status of all pending KOT's. Print or Re-Print in the same window.

Clear view of revenues collected by Cash, Credit Card or Online Sale etc. Real time updates on Tables as Occupied, Available or Reserved. Manage Smoking Zone, Parcel Counter, Home Delivery, Room Service, Bar & Mini Bar. Check Pending KOT's, Pending Bills, Settled Bills and Today's Transactions within a click.

Modules Gallery

A multilingual product with simplified operations. Check-In & Checkouts is just a click away. Guest Features include photos, total visits, payment details, favourite rooms & guest referrals. Automated Reservation Confirmation & Checkout Bills to the Guest Email.

Common Features

Every in-demand integrations are available under all the products which can help Hotels with smooth functionality. A few of them are WhatsApp, Biometric, OCR & ICR Technology, Automated Reporting System, TripAdvisor, SMS & Email, Websites, Camera, Scanner, BarCode Reader, Timed Alerts.

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Accommodate-In Starter Pack

  • Reservation
  • Front Office
  • Point of Sale
  • Accounts Receivables
  • House Keeping
  • SMS & Email Reporting

Suitable for Small Hotels

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Accommodate-In Basic Pack

  • Starter Pack(+)
  • Banquets
  • Maintainance
  • Travel Desk
  • Resort Management Tools

Suitable for Resorts

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Accommodate-In Gold Pack

  • Basic Pack(+)
  • Inventory Management
  • Stock Control
  • Food & Bevearage Costing
  • Laundry Management
  • BarCode Generator

Suitable for Mid-Segment

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Accommodate-In Premium Pack

  • Gold Pack(+)
  • HR & Payroll
  • Attendance Tracker
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Accounting System
  • Channel Manager

Suitable for Premium Hotels